A wave of love

Two years ago, I sobbed when America didn’t elect her. And I continue to lament the way his presidency’s built walls in our nation. His words and actions have fostered hate for those who look or worship or love or vote differently than us; cruelty at our borders; distrust of the truth — of journalists … Continue reading A wave of love

Holy attention

I've been thinking a lot lately about attention. Lately it feels like everything is scrambling for my attention. Unread emails. Missed text messages. Facebook notifications. Shows to watch. Articles to read. New podcasts to play. The pull of infinite content, waiting to be consumed. Do you feel it too? We have work to do, bills … Continue reading Holy attention

Ashes to ashes

Valentine’s Day: here we are writing love notes/smelling roses/eating candy and then we hear about another senseless school shooting. The news shakes us. It breaks us. It reminds us we are but dust, and to dust we shall return. Our parents, our friends, our children — dust. We are so hungry for good news... and … Continue reading Ashes to ashes