Erin Strybis headshot squareIf there’s one thing to know about me it’s this: I love stories. As a writer and editor, I love to tell them. As a voracious reader and culture enthusiast, I love to consume them.

I’m a full-time editor for a national magazine, where I cultivate and polish feature stories and essays grounded in faith. When I write, I gravitate toward human interest stories or essays that touch on family life and/or faith.

I’ve been writing and editing professionally for ten years, and it’s been a joy to spend that time helping nonprofit institutions and individuals tell their powerful stories. Read about my vocational journey here.

Erin with family

When I’m not working, I can often be found chasing my sweet, feisty toddler, snuggling my spoiled pug, devouring novels (and Netflix shows) or practicing yoga. I’m married to a robotics engineer, and we live in Chicago.

I take my coffee with a splash of cream, proofread exclusively with Papermate flair pens and use my planner like a security blanket (because deadlines). I value heart over hustle, showing up, speaking up, authenticity and grace.

I believe everyone hungers to be seen, known and loved. We all have stories to tell. You can find my personal stories on motherhood, faith and life here, as well as links to my published work.

Interested in working together? Want to connect? Contact me here.

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